Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween Safely At Home


Halloween is right around the corner, but this time nothing is the same. With the coronavirus still lurking around, it is still not safe for gathering. The pandemic situation has caused a lot of damage and disturbance to lives around the world. Though things seem to be up and running around us but there is a dire need of maintaining social distancing and taking necessary precautions to stay safe.

Keeping that in mind, you should never forget that your life is worth more than your Halloween costume or a big party. It is time to be creative so consider having a Halloween party at home. You can use online tools to host e-Halloween parties and celebrate Halloween with your loved ones and connect with them virtually rather than being part of a mob or a crowd where people don’t wear masks and increase the chances of spreading infection..

Here are a few ideas that can help you celebrate Halloween safely at home:

Decorate Your House Like You Mean It

Halloween celebrations don’t seem like Halloween if you do not decorate your home with creepy crawlies or some Jack-o’-Lanterns. You can also buy some crazy and creative Halloween decorations online that can give your home an entirely new and spooky look and transform your home from the inside.

You can also these decorations with some easy to find items that are stored in the attic such an old box that can become a spooky treasure chest and an old coat that you can hang around giving it a look of the Invisible Man and so much more.

Host A Movie Night At Home

You can create a virtual movie night based on a Halloween theme with a spooky theme. You can setup your room with a tripod stand and phone facing your screen with your friends online and you can have a nice time. You can vote on a movie and either download the movie or if you have subscribed to Spectrum cable TV, then you might some on your cable TV only. Check out Spectrum silver channel list to see what movie channels you have. 

Host A Costume Party On Skype or Zoom

Halloween without a costume party is not possible. The whole idea behind Halloween is to dress up as the scariest character you can think of and be as scary as possible to give other contestants a tough time. However, make sure that you don’t mess things up or hurt yourself in the process. Also, don’t waste too much time and money on your Halloween costume; look for the easiest and a famous character and improvise things a little.

Also, you can follow any of the SFX artists and do some scary and mind-boggling makeup. Tie a prize for the contestant with the most exceptional Halloween look.

Try out One Of the Drive-Thru Haunted Houses

Haunted houses might not be the same as last year, but the entire concept of drive-thru haunted can be even more amazing and scary if you just drive through the streets and enjoy sights of different decorated homes and people who are dressed up as ghosts and ghouls and different creatures. You can take a selfie with those people for your Instagram followers.

Play a Game With Your Friends

If you are friends some Post-Apocalyptic and Zombie Shooting Game enthusiasts, you can team with up and play games like Left 4 Dead and celebrate your Halloween with your friends wreaking havoc on the Armies of the Undead. Also, you can play some classic games like Dawn of the Dead and many other multiplayer games.  

Ready for party?

Halloween can be a fun and one amazing event even if you cannot get to all the parties and do other fun stuff like you did last year. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and it is only a matter of time before life becomes normal again. Until then you need to be safe. So try to enjoy while following all the SOPs.

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