Best Used 4x4s & off-road cars ever

Best Used 4x4s & off-road cars ever

Used 4x4s - Toyota Land Cruiser
Used 4x4s – Toyota Land Cruiser


Both 4×4 and off-road system refer to car’s driving mechanisms. In a 4×4 system, a car’s power coming from the engine is distributed equally to all four wheels so that they may move at the same speed. A four wheel drive car has torque being supplied to both axles.

These kind of vehicles are also known as all-wheel drive and are mostly found in SUVs and trucks. In a traditional 4-wheel drive, the front and back axle travel at the same speed which means that all the wheels are turning at the same speed.

This system is ideal for riding on rough surfaces with slow speed which is known as rock-climbing. They can be used as off-roaders too. But on the other hand off-road cars can be easily driven on rough, gravel, paved and unpaved surfaces as well. Off-road vehicles have very flexible suspension which makes them very reliable to drive on such harsh surfaces.

Off-roaders vehicles usually have big tires consisting of deep treads. A large number of people prefer off-road vehicles as they have many functions and diversity. Perhaps the most common use of these vehicles is sight-seeing in areas away from the cities.  A lot of motorsports are also off-road vehicles.

Best 4×4 cars

There are many other sub categories within 4×4 vehicles. These kind of vehicles are often build with aggressive looks. They are also big in size. Some of the best 4x4s are listed below. Take a look at them,

Toyota Rav4

Despite Toyota Rav4 been forgotten over the years, does not stop it from making it into this list. This car’s classy look makes it the first to be listed here. It almost looks like a timeless car. A car that could not age even if it wanted to. Toyota Rav4 is considered to be one of the most capable 4×4 car in this list. Even the common asking price for this car does not compete with other 4×4 cars. You can easily afford this timeless car with not much money to spend.

Used 4x4s - Toyota Rav4
Used 4x4s – Toyota Rav4

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land cruiser is always considered to be always one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to 4x4s. Toyota Land cruiser is said to be the car that make Toyota achieve that honor. This car has been trending in many Asian countries back to back for almost a decade now. It has many other SUV versions further down the line. This car and its many SUV versions are still being imported from Japan. It is a fantasy of a lot of people in many countries. Making this car one of the most popular car of all time.

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Used 4x4s - Toyota Land Cruiser
Used 4x4s – Toyota Land Cruiser

Best off-road Cars

Off road cars as the name suggests are designed to withstand rough and harsh surfaces. These cars have huge tires and very flexible and reliable suspension. These vehicles can go on planes that have rough and low traction surfaces. These car do not sink in soft ground easily as they have low ground pressure. Following are some best off-road cars that you can drive

Toyota FJ Cruiser

This car despite being discontinued in 2014 still makes it to our list since it has been one of the most fun off-roader even to this day. Despite this car’s windows being small and thick roof pillars it is superb for off-roading. Its off-roading prowess is unmatched when compared to its competitors.

Its 4.0 liter V6 engine gives you a robust and powerful kick whenever you need it. Its engine gives you the most reliable assertive power as you would love. It gives you the grip and stability that you need anytime and every time.

Used 4x4s - Toyota-FJ-Cruiser
Used 4x4s – Toyota-FJ-Cruiser

 Toyota Hilux and Surf

Even after the weird suspension in the early models, these cars are amazing off roaders that you can drive. Toyota Hilux and Surf were initially specifically designed for off-roading but as they gained unmatched popularity on-road alongside other Toyota’s big SUVs.

Used 4x4s - Toyota Surf
Used 4x4s – Toyota Surf

So in the later models their on-road stability has been a prime focus too. Toyota Hilux and Surf in particular stand out the most from other off-roaders because of their length. The early 90’s Toyota Hilux is considered to be one of the most toughest and reliable off-roader. Even in today’s time Toyota Hilux still has a name and recognition of its own.

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