Best things to know about melatonin

Most people know hormone melatonin as a sleeping hormone, but its effects on the body and sex life are much broader and more intense. However, as with other hormones, healthy melatonin levels are essential because the deficiency or excess of the hormone has a negative effect on the reproductive system.

Hormone Melatonin

The hormone has a sense of the whole organism and affects sleep and the entire biorhythm, and the whole of the human regime. Melatonin is something like a means for the proper functioning of the internal clock and thus affects the body’s overall vitality, including the sexual one.

Recently, melatonin has also been promoted as a nutritional supplement. However, here, be careful about proper use, as much increased levels of melatonin negatively affect the production of sex hormones.

What is melatonin and what is its significance

The hormone melatonin is closely related to human day and night biorhythm. Its production and level depend on light and electromagnetic radiation, to what extent light inhibits its production, while darkness stimulates it. However, in addition to sleep, the hormone also affects other processes.

  • The hormone melatonin itself is formed mainly in the pineal gland, a unique body found in the brain, to a lesser extent, in the retina and gastrointestinal tract.
  • The hormone is formed about 8 to 10 times more overnight than during the day
  • Melatonin acts on special melatonin receptors, while it also plays an essential role in the sexual and reproductive field, as it affects fertility and libido get Fildena or vigora.

During light, the hormone is inhibited, ie, its production is radically reduced. This is also why one has the least melatonin in summer and the most in winter. Simultaneously, the natural production of melatonin decreases with age, which is reflected in older people having chronic insomnia.

 The effects of melatonin in the body are very diverse:

  • Regulation of diurnal rhythm together with regulation of internal time in terms of day and time of year, which is more critical in animals than in humans
  • improvement of sleep during the night and at the same time improvement of vitality during the day, while affecting mental health and current mental state
  • improving immunity and protecting cells from oxidative stress, supporting the nervous system, supporting blood vessels, and increasing protection against cancer factors

But few people know that this hormone has a strong connection with the male and female reproductive systems. Elevated hormone levels inhibit the production of sex hormones, which results in a decrease in testosterone and thus libido. In women, there may be a problem with the formation of eggs and especially their healthy maturation.

Elevated melatonin levels cause the following problems and symptoms:

Restriction of hormone production:

From the point of view of the reproductive system, the biggest negative is the restriction of stimulation of gonadotropic hormones, which stimulate the love hormones testosterone and estrogen.

Fatigue and drowsiness:

High levels of melatonin can cause feelings of excessive tiredness and especially sleepiness during the day. The body naturally stops responding to daylight, and you can be drowsy no matter what time it is.


You may think that this symptom contradicts the above category of other problems, but it is not. Excessive melatonin levels in humans cause higher and unexplained irritability.

Other problems:

Excessive melatonin levels are responsible for more frequent recurrent headaches and associated nausea. There may even be short-term memory disorders and concentration problems.

However, a more common situation is melatonin deficiency, when the following problems and situations arise:

Poor sleep:

The most typical symptom and the problem of melatonin deficiency is insufficient sleep. If the hormone level is low, sleep is interrupted, and a person may have trouble falling asleep quickly or waking up too early in the morning.

Decreased vitality and immunity:

The natural consequence of poor quality sleep is insufficient rest of the body overnight, resulting in reduced vitality during the day. The problem also occurs in sexual vitality, which is also declining. As melatonin has a positive effect on immunity, the body’s defenses are also reduced.


Several studies have shown that melatonin deficiency is also associated with a higher incidence of obesity, especially excessive fat intake. This is especially true for the elderly, in whom melatonin decreases with age. Cholesterol can also be a related problem.

Fertility problems:

One of the possible effects in women may be a fertility problem. Melatonin can affect the quality of eggs, as it helps protect them from oxidative stress and thus increases their chances of survival.

Women’s problems:

At noon, problems are problems with the hormonal level, as much as the natural hormonal balance is disturbed. This disorder can result in women’s issues, especially with an irregular menstrual cycle.

Increase in melatonin

Low levels of melatonin bring many complications, although, as you can see, even increased levels of the hormone are not beneficial to the body at all. However, since most people have a problem with a lack of this hormone, I decided to approach the possibilities of increasing melatonin in the body.

Whatever you like, here are the most common ones:

Proper sleep mode

The key to maintaining healthy melatonin levels is proper sleep. This involves having enough sunlight during the day to suppress the hormone production and, conversely, avoiding the light towards the night so that it can be stimulated. It is optimal when you sleep in absolute darkness without disturbing elements, especially when you sleep naturally overnight.

It is ideal for melatonin production when sleep lasts between 21:00 and 06:00. Just before bedtime, you should also avoid looking at your phone, computer, or television. At the same time, it is necessary to watch when the word drowsiness is reported, because this is the ideal time to go to bed. This is when melatonin production begins and may rise gradually during sleep.

Melatonin in food

You can also take the hormone melatonin in food and meal. Surely you’ve heard about foods you should eat for better and better sleep, such as milk and honey. But there are many more, such as oatmeal, bananas, almonds, cherries, rice, beans, cheese, or leafy vegetables.

All these foods contain melatonin, and although consuming them alone will not guarantee you better sleep, it is an excellent support. I recommend including oranges, pineapple, chicken, and olive oil in the diet. In general, plenty of fruits, vegetables, and cereals positively stimulate melatonin levels.

Exercise and sport

You can encourage the production of melatonin and endorphins, for example, by regular exercise and sports; if you spend an hour once a day is doing some physical activity and outdoors in sunlight, it maximizes melatonin stimulation overnight and in the dark. In addition, you will help your cardiovascular system and health in general.

On the other hand, it is necessary to assess very well when you will engage in more demanding physical activity. It should not be less than 3 to 4 hours before bedtime, as excessive blood flow is not conducive to a fast and peaceful sleep. It is optimal to exercise in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Try to calm the body instead.

Limitation of disturbances and factors

What you do and what you avoid benefits better sleep and better stimulation of melatonin. Before going to bed, it is necessary to avoid disturbing influences, such as the mentioned exercise or watching TV. Don’t forget to silence the surrounding traffic, so ventilate the room where you will sleep and close the windows to be disturbed by noise from outside.

Coffee and alcohol also have a negative effect on sleep and also on the healthy production of melatonin. The first drink contains caffeine, one of the effective stimulants of the nervous system, and irritates. Alcohol does not benefit the quality of sleep, and although you may fall asleep after a glass of wine or beer use Vigora, you wake up tired in the morning because the body has not rested.

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