Best Phone Tracker Apps for Android 2021


The race of living in the superlative degree is skyrocketed these days. Everyone wants the best and nothing less than that. The same is the case in the selection of the best phone tracker app for android as there is so much saturation in this sector as well. So here is the list of some of the best phone apps that offer excellent and efficient features for android monitoring. 


One of the best phone tracker apps for android that offers trustworthy parental control and extraordinary employee monitoring app. One can even use this app for personal use as well.  Individuals who want to use a spy app for personal needs can use it to track a stolen device or use it as an efficient data backup source.  It offers a very friendly user interface and packages are light on pocket and very economical.  The different versions offered by the spy app make it attractive for all kinds of users like android users or iPhone users. You can also check out the Mac and Windows spy app version as well as It can be used to monitor teenagers or employees through their desktops, tablets, and laptops.

The list of features offered by TheOneSpy app includes monitoring of digital and daily life activities of the target person. The main features that are very helpful for the parents are location tracking, the mark of safe and restricted areas on the google map, Access to installed apps to know about nay violent game or dating app, camera and mic bug feature to know and listen to the surrounding environment and company. Important employee monitoring features that can be used by employers to monitor the target through the company-owned devices are also very helpful for the managers. The business and corporate sector can make good use of the offered features and can broaden and improve their work experience. Features like real-time screen monitoring of the employees, keylogging that records all the key logs, a trace of internet browsing activities in the working hours, and block of the useless site through web filtering features can be a great help for the employer community. Instant message chat apps and social media platforms are also covered by the spy app.

Main features are meant for employee monitoring and parental control but the use of spy app applies to many other circumstances as well. For example caretakers of senior citizens or old age parents, some family members suffering from any mental or physical health issue, so on and so forth.


It is basically a phone tracker app for personal use. That means we can use this app to track stolen devices or can know about the lost gadget with the help of this app. Other features offered by this app are that one can track the device on the map, can use the camera to capture the photos of the thief, and can even lock or wipe the data from the phone. The subscription charges are reasonable and the user can update their packages according to their demands.


OgyMoy is another useful spy app that offers employee monitoring and parental control features for its users. It offers a variety of features in a reasonable and economical package that includes social media monitoring of the target, call and text message monitoring, online monitoring, location tracking, and others.

It is one of the best apps meant for parental control for teenagers. The main feature offered by the spy app is call monitoring, view location history , online activity tracking.


It is another spy app that offers advanced features for monitoring. But the drawback of using this app is that it is way expensive. It can be used for basic monitoring features like access to call logs and keeping track of the text message content. On the other hand, more advanced features offered by hidden spy app for android include hacking of target’s camera and keylogging. Other features include environmental monitoring, geo-fencing, recording of social media activities, and monitoring of various online activities. It supports android and ios but the thing is the access to advanced monitoring features needs a very high budget.

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