Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

There are very few, who still remember the film Terminator released in the 1980s. The director was James Cameroon, and the script involved the rise of machines. Now, new scientific technologies have come into existence which can do the same jobs as a human being. In the 17th and 18th century, the Industrial Revolution happened, and machines were invented which could replace manual work done by labourers.

After 2010, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gained importance and many industries have implemented these new technologies in their daily operations. When it comes to marketing, this concept is millions of years old and has been in existence since the day businesses became prevalent in human life.

As in course with technologies, digital marketing has changed the landscape of advertising products/services of businesses both online and offline. How will you feel if Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing are combined? A perfect ammunition concept, right? Let us focus on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

This specific technology can imitate human behavior and can think and respond similar to a human. However, it will perform tasks or do jobs/complete tasks based on its software program.

Some areas where it is helping businesses are in the field of robotics, speech identification, image recognition, natural language processing and more. The main reason this technology got recognition in industries is because it gives accurate results and there are few chances of errors.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

There is a common rule which has been existent for centuries. If any new technology comes to the market and becomes popular, then all the businesses make a queue and implement the same tech algorithms in their daily operations. The reason, even after millions of years, unless you adapt to the recent changes, your business will not sustain and will perish in the market.

How are industry experts implementing Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

A decade ago, even marketers did not find it worthy to include digital marketing in their operations. But, now it has become mandatory. With AI, the marketing experts hope dynamic changes will happen which will pave the way for accurate results, good knowledge of needs in the target audience and increased business revenue. So, let us discuss the methods AI is helping digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence in Generation of Content

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing - Generation of Content
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Generation of Content

Do you know Washington Post, BBC, The New York Times, Huffington Post are generating articles with the help of AI software? The reporters have to just feed data and then the algorithms make the sentences to perfection. Do you know Facebook uses AI to track down false/fake content and remove them? It is the truth. In a few years, maybe, an AI software which can write the best keywords or copywriting words for any industry will make an appearance. The programs used are Wordsmith, ArticleForge, Word AI,, Articoolo, Wordlife, Quuu Promote and Quill. Washington Post is using its own AI platform, Heliograf.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing - Voice Search
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Voice Search

Have you ever dialled a bank’s customer care number? You will be routed to an IVR, where a voice will give various suggestions and help you find solutions on your own. This is also a part of Artificial Intelligence. 15 years ago, Asia was home to many Call Centers where thousands of employees took overseas calls and handled customer queries. Cut to the present, the industry has shrunk to ⅓ of its number.

The reason, IVR and chatbots. This software can not only help solve simple customer queries, but also act as a database for storing customer information. So, the digital marketing expert can go through the information, and then analyse the needs of the audience and then offer suggestions in the manufacturing of products or discharge of services.

This is an example where Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing can make the best ROI for many businesses. The advantages of using chatbots are, they can work 24/7, can answer simple queries, and if programmed, can provide the solution in more than a dozen languages. They can also store the information received from the customer in many languages.

Digital Advertisements

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing - Digital Advertisements
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Digital Advertisements

Have you ever made use of Facebook Ads for your business? You can target the ads based on age, gender, culture, demographics and other concepts. Now, even Google, Instagram and other social media platforms are making use of the same technology (Artificial Intelligence) to make digital marketers reach the perfect target audience for their company products or services. So, based on their interest, they will be able to view the Facebook ads.

The digital marketers, on their part, because of the AI algorithms can identify the profits made from their campaigns. They can, modify, improve or reduce their investment based on the results. Do we need to say that the increased revenue has happened because of the potent combination of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Voice Search

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Voice Search

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore.

Just four years ago, voice searches had not become popular. But now, even school and college students are using Voice Searches on their mobiles to search for information. Want a few examples where voice search is used in electronic items? Alexa, Amazon Echo, Cortana (Microsoft), Siri (Apple) & Google Home, are items that can give accurate information based on your voice.

If you are having a website, you know the importance of SEO optimized content. Now, the change has happened. Since many are using voice search to search for information, it has become mandatory for websites to include long tail keywords in the website content.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing -Email Marketing
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing -Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Even today, there are many emails which remain stuck in the spam folder of your email. The reason, there is some content which the software in the email considers as spam, and so it does not come to the Inbox. But there are some emails with mainly marketing concepts, but it comes to your Inbox.

The reason, the Email marketing companies get to know about your needs, and then send an email offering a solution which contains their own product description. They get to know your needs, preferences, behavior based on some information you share on social media platforms, or other sources. The subject of the mail, product recommendation, messages – every aspect will be modified based on your preferences and behavior.

Let us imagine, you have a company offering computer repair services in Bangalore. Now, being a three- member team, you have a loyal customer base in Malleshwaram, Gayathrinagar, Mahalakshmi Layout and other areas. But you want to expand your team and make the business more visible.

So, you contact the best digital marketing company in Bangalore for help. They prepare a plan, and then put a digital marketing executive only for this job. He will design the graphic post, put the right trigger to action keywords, and post on relevant platforms at the right time. Do you know there are timings to post on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms?

For example, during the weekdays, a post made at 3 PM to 4 PM on Facebook gets the maximum views & shares. On the weekends, a post made after 5 PM gets more views and shares. The results are accurate, because the social media platforms have integrated Artificial Intelligence in their algorithms. This is another example of how Artificial Intelligence in social media platforms have transformed Digital Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence software can collect information, identify the right data, analyse, and then make modifications within a short time.


Artificial Intelligence is also used in other industries. Remember the self-driving car from Tesla or the idea from Amazon to use drones for delivering goods? Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is only at the initial stages, and many more positive changes and developments are yet to come in the forthcoming years.

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