Cyber Security Bootcamps

The majority of current generation is familiar with the term “hacking,” but do we understand and value the significance of cyber security? Many of us already may know what cyber security is and many of us may have misinterpreted it. So first let’s know what it actually is.

Cyber Security Bootcamps

What Cyber Security Actually Is?

What is the most important thing in this digital age? Data

The data is our most valued asset. We backup it up on time, we take actions to make sure it is safe. So, in order to protect systems, networks, and programs from potential digital attacks, cyber security came into being. These cyberattacks are an evolving danger to organizations, employees, and consumers that can destroy them in seconds.

It is said that by the end of 2019, the world will need 6 million cybersecurity experts , but it will be short by 1.5 million?

The main challenge these days is implementing effective cybersecurity measures because the cyber has burst and there are less people with more devices.

The need for cyber security has increased massively and will continue to rise in the coming years. To fill this void, security bootcamps are launched.

Cyber Security Bootcamp

Cyber security bootcamps are training programs which are designed to teach employees the basic skill set to combat threats in IT security breaches and help them prepare for the fast growing cyber landscape.

Cyber security bootcamp varies from traditional learning programs in the way that they prioritize skills over theory. The learners perform practical activities that help them in learning the aptitudes required for getting the job done. They don’t have to read and discuss theories later to forget about it. As they say “practice makes a man perfect” , same is the key here. These bootcamps involve practice sessions which are short, the discussions and activities are well-paced, preparing cyber security experts in successfully achieving the certifications within no time.

Now, as we’ve learned about cyber security and security bootcamps, the question that arises here is “Are cyber security bootcamps worth it?”

Yes, it’s worth it.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the cyber sea to swim and explore more about security bootcamps. First, let’s see what benefits bootcamps have to offer you:

Highly Paid Jobs

Highly Paid Job Opportunities

With information technology taking the whole world into its wings, cyber security is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. As a result, the demand for cyber security professionals has surged high. They generally earn a strong salary.

Cyber security professionals are offered the job roles of Network Security Engineer, IT Security Analyst, Virus Technician, Cryptographer, Penetration tester, Cyber Security Analyst, IT Security Engineer, Cyber Security Consultant, Data Security consultant, and Security Sales Engineer.

Sounds pretty cool, no?

Strong command in the field and a decent cyber security experience can evolve into a high-level security role such as Information Systems Security Manager or Chief Security Officer / Chief Information Security Officer, where the salary can reach up to $200,000 per year or may exceed this.

Many employers prefer that their cyber security employees must have a security certification such as Security+ or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications. Due to this requirement, several different companies are facing problems in hiring qualified employees which in result has boosted the demand for security bootcamps.

Cyber Security Bootcamps Are Affordable

Security bootcamps are much affordable in comparison to universities. You can choose and go for a bootcamp even if you don’t belong to that field. It provides second chances for people looking to make a move into new careers or better support themselves and their families. Cyber security bootcamps are saviors!

Time Saver – Short And Crisp

Cyber security bootcamps are solely focused on a single subject. Those who only wish to focus on cyber security can do just that because that’s what the entire bootcamp is about. You don’t have to juggle subjects and get yourself worried.

Also, you don’t have any constraints regarding your educational background. All you need is a strong head determined to achieve what it wants.

High-In-Demand Cyber Security Boot Camp Services

We’ve talked enough about the pros, let’s now look at some popular cyber security bootcamp services:

  1. Evolve Security Academy
  2. SpringBoard
  3. Cyber Retraining Academy
  4. SecureSet Academy
  5. DevLeague
  6. TurnToTech
  7. Open Cloud Academy
  8. Software Guild

These services usually offer courses that run from 10 weeks up to 30 weeks or more, with the cost ranging from $999 up to $20,000.

You can enroll in these bootcamps by choosing any: online and on-premises. Whatever suits you the best.

Cyber security boot camps also have the options for both part-time as well as full-time, making it easy for the students to learn in a constraint-free environment.

In bootcamps, a vast no. of of topics and courses are offered, including penetration testing, ethical hacking, system security , vulnerability detection, threat mitigation and much more.


Cyber Security Certifications | Who To Choose?

There are so many cyber security certification providers in the global market to look for ans we can not cover them all:

1- Network+

To reach your goal, you need to take baby steps. In the world of network security,  Network+ will help you take these steps. The Network+ certification is earned through CompTIA, however, it is not mandatory for most jobs in cyber security, it helps you gain fundamental insights on network science. So if you’re not from the tech industry, then this is the option to definitely go for.

2- Security+

The CompTIA Security+ certification is popular and is one of the most pivotal certification in cyber security. It is a good starting point for cyber security professionals as it helps them understand the basics of cryptography, risk management, and vulnerabilities. The Security+ certification is particularly designed for entry-level security professionals .

3- Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

CISSP certification is obtained through the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)². This one’s not earned that easily and has the following criteria to take the exam:

At least five years of hands-on industry experience

Be knowledgeable in at least two of the eight cyber security domains identified by ISC.

Now, it is up to you to choose the most appropriate one for you. Choose what suits you the most!

We hope that we’ve covered it all for you.

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