Application Procedure Of Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa 476


Is Australia your dream nation and have you recently graduated with an Engineering degree?  If yes, then to apply for the skilled recognized graduate visa 476 must be your choice. This is basically a temporary visa that lets recent graduates of engineering from eminent universities and institutions gain work experience. With this visa you stay in Australia for up to 18 months to acquire skilled work experience.

Where to apply from?

You can apply for the 476 visa both while applying inside and outside Australia. When the visa gets approved you should be outside Australia except you’re a citizen of New Zealand holding the special-category-visa (subclass-444).

Academic Requirements

You can apply for the 476 visa only if you’re holding a valid degree in the field of engineering. You should have attained this qualification within a period of two years from the time of lodging your application. An eligible engineering degree can be any of the following qualifications:

·       A doctoral degree

·       A master’s degree

·       A bachelor’s degree or

·       A postgraduate diploma

The degree which you’ve obtained should comprise of a significant academic sequence or specialization in Engineering. These engineering specializations are not constrained to and include the following:

a.     Mining and Material Engineering

b.     Plant, Production and Mechanical Engineering

c.      Electronics and Electrical Engineering

d.     Environmental Engineering

e.     Chemical Engineering

f.       Structural Engineering and

g.      Civil Engineering

Remember, the engineering degree which you’ve attained must be finished at a reputed offshore engineering institution. Aside the other imperative requirements, this visa doesn’t require you to qualify in a points test.

Basic eligibility requirements

Regardless of your qualification, the 476 visa requires you to meet certain eligibility criteria effectively. A subclass 476 checklist including these pre-requisites can be considered below.

·       You should not have been the holder of a 485 or another 476 visa previously. This is one of most noteworthy criteria which you need to meet indispensably.

·       You should be above 31 years

·       You should provide substantial proofs of fundamental English while applying for your Australian visa subclass 476 visa. You can do this by attaching the Test Report Form (TRF) number of your IELTS test. This will prove that you have a band score of 6 at least in each of the four areas of English. These include writing, listening, reading and speaking.

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Advantages of the 476 Skilled Graduate Visa

There are several benefits of applying for the 476 skilled graduate visa applicable both to primary and secondary applicants. First of all with this visa, you can work and study in Australia for up to 18 months. You and your secondary applicants can do the same without any restrictions imposed. So, while staying in Australia with this visa you can expect the following benefits instead.

·       Study for ramping up your skills in the English language

·       You complete a couple of professional studies more

·       You can work in Australia as much as you want while staying in Australia with this visa

·       You can travel to and from Australia as long as your subclass 476 visa remains valid.

Once the 476 visa is granted you can work in any possible part of Australia. Not only this, you can also undertake any possible job when residing in Australia with this visa. Besides, this visa requires both you and your secondary applicants to abide by the various Australian laws. If considered eligible, you can apply for a permanent residence while holding this visa. To become eligible you must comply with the pass marks on the General Skilled Migration points test.

Required Documents

As a part of the 476 visa requirements, you must upload the following documents on your immiAccount.

·       Character Certificates

·       Insurance Policies and Health Credentials

·       Evidence of relationship with your co-applicants

·       All the financial documents

·       Documents which substantiate your English language competency

Seek top-notch immigration assistance in Adelaide to upload the documents on the official site of the Australian immigration account. This will ensure a successful application of your 476 visa.

Pre-requisites for family members

The 476 visa allows eligible members of your family to accompany you all the way to Australia. While applying for your visa subclass 476, make sure you include their names in your application indispensably. Your eligible family members primarily include the following people:

·       Physically or mentally impaired kids with no age restrictions. Remember, this rule will apply only if your kids are dependent on your spouse or you.

·       Kids who are above 18 years and till 23 years old.  Again, your children have to be entirely dependent on your spouse or you.

·       Your partner’s or your children who are below the age of 18 years and

·       Your de facto or marital partner

You’re allowed to include the names of your kids till the time your application is being decided. Including any other family members during this time period isn’t allowed as part of the visa application procedure. 

Provision for subsequent applicants

Your family members can also accompany you later on after you’ve obtained your 476 visa successfully. Accompanying applicants need to opt for the paper mode of visa lodgement. To complete this task successfully, each of them needs to submit form no 1276.

The cost of the 476 visa subclass

The cost of the 476 visa subclass is AU$ 375 at the moment. Aside from the main visa application charge, some additional costs apply to serve the following purposes:

·       Character Clearance (Police Check)

·       Translation or Certification of Documents and

·       Medical Examination etc.

As already said, the 476 allows your family to apply along with you for the visa subclass 476. In that case, each of your dependent family members has to pay the 476 visa fees separately. However, the number of fees will vary reasonably according to their age.

Visa Processing Time!

The processing time of the visa subclass 476 is not more than a duration of nine months. This particular processing time is applicable to all the visa applicants out there. Applicants conventionally don’t face any delays concerning the processing of their 476 visa. Conversely, some unprecedented mistakes or faults can lead to delays in the processing of your 476 visa.

Contact Migration agent Adelaide!

So, hire a qualified Migration agent Adelaide today and apply for the 476 visa in a successful manner. Your Immigration agent Adelaide will ascertain an impeccable visa application for you after assessing your individual circumstances painstakingly.

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