7 Amazing Facts You Should Know Before Having Laser Treatment


Laser Treatment

  Planning for a laser treatment? There are many types of laser treatments available for different type of therapies like hair removal laser-treatment, Acne Scars, stretch marks laser-treatments, wrinkles laser-treatments, and many more.   The process and tools used in every type of laser treatments is unique.

Since this laser treatments can be hazardous as well as safe there are some certain amazing facts that you should definitely know before having any laser treatments and by the end of this article you will be well aware of it.  

If you want you can take the best laser treatments in Jaipur as here you will get best facilities with proper treatment.   Let’s have a look on those amazing facts one by one:-

How it Works

Laser Treatments

Laser-treatments can prove to be a magic for you. If you have dark skin the laser is attracted to your blood supply of hair follicle whereas if you have a light skin then a cosmetic medical-grade laser will transmit a beam of light directly to the pigment of your hair follicles.

Laser treatment is considered as cosmetic procedure and is done with complete care by experts. Also this laser-treatments are governed by strict regulations.   Ya, remember to know the qualifications of the technicians as it is very necessary that your treatment is done by experts.  

Avoid Sun

avoid sun

It is difficult of the specialist to treat you if you had sun exposure. So at least before two weeks of your laser-treatment start to avoid sun. As if you won’t do that you will be sunburned or even tanned, you will not be able to get laser treatment.

Specialist will advise you to book a next appointment for your laser treatment. If you can wait then it will be great if you begin your laser treatment in winter season.

Avoid Waxing

avoid waxing

When you are about to have laser-treatment it is advised that you should avoid waxing. It is because your hair follicle should be present at the time of laser-treatment. Instead you can shave before 12-14 hours before your laser treatment. Do remember you use a clean and sharp razor as you don’t want the laser should target your long hairs because it increases the risk of burns.

Don’t Use Moisturizer

Dont Use Moisturizer

At the day when your laser treatment is going to be just make sure you go without applying moisturizer in your body. Infact, you should not use any product on your skin not even deodorant. After your laser treatment also you don’t have to apply anything on your skin upto 24 hours. Ya, there are some exceptions which you can apply on your skin as suggested by your doctor.

Be True to Your Consultant

Be True to Your Consultant

As Laser-Treatment is related to cosmetic treatment it is very important you be true to your doctor as then only your specialist can suggest you better. If you have taken any previous treatments and medication then do share it with your consultant as every small medical details can be helpful for your treatment. Your recent facial or clean up can also affect your laser treatment therapy.

Be Consistent

Be Consistent

For better results it is very important to attend your therapy sessions at the allotted time. As the outcome also depends on your consistency and your dedication towards your therapy. So, be regular for your every sessions as missing even one session can be hazardous for your health as well as your laser treatment can also go wrong.

Avoid Hot Showers

Avoid Hot Showers

  As your body temperature will increase if you take hot showers and that will bring sweat to your body which will create a breeding ground for bacteria. This may be a call for infection, so it is advised that not to take any hot showers till 24 hours of your laser treatment. After 24 hours you can take as much hot showers you want to take.

Use Recommended Products

Use Recommended Products

Treated areas can get affected by ‘sunburnt’. As your skin becomes more sensitive after the treatment. So, take proper recommendation from your specialist and use the products suggested by them. Especially, avoid makeup of that part as makeup has so many chemicals which can cause harm to you. Also, don’t forget to avoid direct contact from the sun.

Avoid Exercise

Avoid Exercise

If you are an exerciser then you have to stop your exercises for some time. Again the same reason that exercise will increase your body temperature and it can upset your hair follicles which is not good for your laser therapy. Sweat is can be very harmful for you after laser treatment therapy so avoid exercise at least upto 24 hours of your treatment.  

Hope that the above information was useful for you and you might have got the basic knowledge of the points which you have to take care. As your body and skin is very important be aware of what’s happening around you. Ya, don’t forget to keep yourself away from sun for sometime after the laser treatment. Take Care!!!

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