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Online Tutor & Pandemic

The pandemic has resulted in the near-closure of educational institutes all over the world. Schools, colleges, and universities saw almost no attendance from students as well as the academic staff as they were advised to stay at home to protect themselves from the virus.

In order to make sure that studies are not hampered during these trying times, colleges and schools started uploading video lectures and study materials on their websites so that students can access notes and lectures at the comfort of their homes.

Colleges also started organizing online lectures on multiple video calling platforms in order to resume the college and school schedule even during the pandemic. But students still aren’t getting the same attention and learning that they used to get before the pandemic.

One solution for this is to hire an online tutor so that you can get an edge over other students who are stuck in quarantine. One of the best platforms to get an online tutor is Classtrak.

A faster way to connect with an online tutor- Home Tutor
A faster way to connect with an online tutor- Home Tutor

What is Classtrak?

Classtrak is a platform that connects a large number of students, parents, and teachers with each other. Classtrak helps in connecting tutors and teachers on one single portal, enabling considerable business growth for tutors and a plethora of quality tutors to choose from for the students. The site is beneficial for both the students as well as the tutors are provided with a vast student base from all across the country and the students are able to choose their preference of tutors from a single website.

How does it Work?

Besides the website, Classtrak also has a mobile phone app of its own where students can search for tutors regarding any field of expertise. For tutors to exploit the full advantages of Classtrak, they must first register themselves on the website and create their professional tutoring profiles. They can also create their availability calendar where you can specify the time slots in which you can teach.

Potential students can choose from these time slots to book their classes and the calendar can also be edited at any point in time. Classtrak also provides students with a free demo class in order to get an idea of the teacher’s teaching methods. At the end of every month, Classtrak automatically transfers the amount due to you, hassle-free. This helps in creating the perfect work environment for the tutors especially during these trying times due to the pandemic. Classtrak has helped with providing a means of livelihood to thousands of tutors all over the country without having to risk getting infected. 

Although there are many other platforms online that provide access to online tutors for students, Classtrak is a domestic set-up and caters specifically to the students and tutors of the Indian subcontinent. Not only do the students get teachers that are well-versed when it comes to the Indian education system, but are also capable of teaching them in their mother tongue depending on region to region. 

A faster way to connect with an online tutor E-learning platform
A faster way to connect with an online tutor E-learning platform

Connecting with a tutor on Classtrak

Classtrak has a huge database of tutors who excel in their fields. These tutors are from all over the country and can be accessible by a simple search on the website or the app. The students can go through the thousands of profiles that are on the website and can choose a tutor of their liking.

All the tutors are categorized according to the field they teach, hence making it easy for the students to find a tutor of their liking. After that, in order to ensure that the teacher you selected lives up to your expectations, Classtrak also provides a free demo lecture for students so they can judge the tutor and experience their teaching methodology and see if it is suitable for you. If the demo lectures turn out to be good, you can go ahead and book classes with the tutor.

 Once the classes have been booked, payments can be made from the website itself. The fees are paid on a monthly basis in which you will be getting 12 classes. You can also book the slots for future classes at your convenience if you want to continue learning from the teacher after the month ends. The classes occur on Classtrak’s website itself, ensuring safety and security for the students.

The classes are one-on-one live sessions, ensuring undiverted attention to the student. In order to join the class, you need to go to the Classtrak website or app and log in.

Classtrak also reminds you automatically whether you have any classes for the day and also reminds you a few minutes before the class is about to take place. While the classes are going on, they are automatically recorded and saved. These recordings can be accessed at any time on the Classtrak website once you log in.

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