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This is probably the most common question that gets asked to us, what are the best tips to pass the ACCA exams. And we have always tried to do an article of this sort once we are closer to the exams. This time it is slightly different due to the changes to exam pattern i.e. remote exams.

So firstly to address the elephant in the room, the remote exams! As much as it scares most of you, there is no reason why you should be. ACCA has already done multiple webinars to show all of you how the system will work, possible issues in exam environment and what will need to be done. However if you still are unsure, do the test again.

The links to do the same is here (Complete the system test). Therefore do the systems check and make sure you use the same system and internet on the exam day. Obviously there’s lot debate here too, the reason why it is advised to use the same system and internet is since you have already checked and if it worked only then you went ahead to book.


What if the system doesn’t get OK’d by the system check. Hence the advise, however you can always check the new system if you wish to use before the exam and use if it all green ticks!

Moving to more general tips, please ensure you have done full 2-3 mocks. This needs to be done in the exam environment i.e. use the blank workspace available under My ACCA CBE Practice platform. The more you are able to use the platform the better you are going to be under the actual exam conditions.

There are many who do think they are good with excel and word, however word of caution is that the exam software works slightly different and functionalities limited. Therefore use the platform to maximum extent possible.

Timing is another very important aspect. The skill and professional level papers that are of 3 hours would give you 1.8 minutes per mark. Therefore make sure for a 20 marks question, don’t allocate more than 36 minutes.

This though may sound very natural and obvious advice and tip, however you would be surprised the number of students that still end up not completing the paper. Therefore when you are doing the mocks do make sure that you have timed your paper.

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The next one is to focus on the examiners reports. The stress can’t be enough on the examiners reports, as they’ll always give you the perspective from the horse’s mouth. So do ensure that the past papers are done in tandem with the examiner’s report so that you know where you are missing and then incorporate that feedback in your next mock paper and hopefully with enough practice you’ll be able to crack the paper and in line with examiners requirements.

Technical articles are another very important bit that needs to be covered before the exams as those are again done by the examining team and usually they release articles which they would like to check in the coming exams.

These become very important when the syllabus change takes place therefore keep an eye out for the new articles. Even if they don’t show up in the exam, they are always a good read and give in depth details of the subject matter.

For the students that sit for the knowledge level exams, please don’t forget to do the paid mocks that are available under the MyACCA account. They are about 14 pounds for 3 sets of papers, and probably the best investment ever.

The papers are closest to your actual exam and they provide real good insight on the type of questions. However don’t do the mistake of doing them all together, do the 1st one, work on the areas where you struggled then move to the second one. Its very important you do this to make best use of the mocks.

Lastly and probably the most important tip is that stay confident and positive. The exams are challenging however they aren’t impossible to clear. Therefore if you put in the right efforts then clearing any competitive exam is doable.

Therefore study well and do take regular breaks, spend time with friends and family from time to time and be refreshed on the exam day to give your best.

All the very best to everyone and enjoy studying!!

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