5 Top Certifications to Get an Interview Call


What are 5 Top Certifications to Get an Interview Call?

What are 5 Top Certifications to Get an Interview Call?

It isn’t easy to find a job in this world knowing that you are not the only one. Everyone else is also trying to hunt a job. But you can help yourself get out of the crowd by doing something that is trendy and not very common.
Working efficiently and having skills to do a particular task isn’t enough to get an interview call. Working in the Human resource department isn’t as easy as it sounds. You think writing your skills on a CV will do it? Is it that easy? No isn’t. You aren’t the only one who will do it. The company doesn’t have time to review your CV word by word. They decide your fate within seconds.

We are going to discuss some job skills that will help you get an interview call from the company you applied in.

Investment Bankers:

Banking investors

Banks are called the ‘’financial backbone’’ of a country as the cash transfer occurs through banks. The success of a country depends on the economic or financial conditions. The businesses or markets prefer safe money exchange between their partners or clients. Bank customers enjoy many benefits including loans and things on installments. If you are looking for a career in the finance industry specially banking, you are on the right path.
If you are passionate to work in economics and finance, investment banking is the best option for you. You don’t need to study banking as your major if you want to work for investment banking. But still, you’ll have to be a bachelor’s degree holder specially in finance and economics.

You are supposed to deal with an unknown number of clients each day. Your core duty is to convince and assist your clients who want to raise their money and willing to work on different investment options. In the process of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), you are required to take an efficient part in the companies. CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a certification that works as a cherry on the top in the financial industry.

If you are a junior analyst, you can earn a salary between $100k to $150k each year. You can start earning from $120k annually for an associate position.

System Administrator:

System administrator

The administration of a company works as one of the pillars that a company stand on. You can choose to be a system administrator if you want to be chosen by almost every company. Administration leads a company, so it is needed by a company to stand firm. You do not need to worry about the job because you have chosen the right field. You need to be a multi-tasker if you want to work as a system administrator.

A system administrator has good knowledge of software, hardware, servers, configuration, management and provisioning of IT systems. You need to get a certification of MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) if you want to be a top priority of the interviewers. A system administrator works on a place that uses a multi-user computing environment such as LAN.

According to ZipreCruiter.com, the annual income of an experienced system administrator is $100k.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing

Every company is transforming its infrastructure on the digital system. It is the need of time. Cloud computing is attracting every other businessman who wants to shift his traditional system on cloud services. Cloud computing allows Burdon-free data storage, so it is easy for companies to save large amounts of data on the cloud with the least risk of losing. It is attracting the most attention due to its secure and speedy system.

The need for a cloud-based system in businesses has increased the demand for skilled persons who know how to deal with cloud services. There are many people who claim to be a cloud expert but on the day of the interview, they give the worst performance. So, if you want to be an apple of the eye of companies, the certification in cloud computing will get you an attractive job offer.

The annual income of Enterprise IT architects is around $135K. There are different Microsoft Azure certifications for learning the skills of cloud computing e.g. AZ-900, AZ-203, AZ-103. Companies can’t ignore your CV if you have any of these certifications. You will get an interview call with an expected offer of earning 141000 dollars annually.

Sales and Marketing:

Did you ever find a way of winning clients without marketing and increasing your sales without a sales team? Did you? Of course not. Because! There isn’t any other way than having the department of sales and marketing. This is considered as the world’s hardest job. The common people with less talking ability can not be successful in this field. You have to be sharp, consistent and patient if you want to run a successful business. This field demands experience more than your degrees or certificates. Even the people with no educational background can be successful marketers if they know how and when to pitch their voice to convert a lead into a potential customer.

You can polish your way to mover forward if you know how to deal with people of all kinds humbly. If you want a stamp on your CV that you are competent for this job, CSLP (Certified Sales Leadership Professional) will help you a lot.

This field can help you earn your dream 6-figure salary, up to 150,000 dollars on average.

User interface/User experience Design (UI/UX):

This field is best for you if you love designing. You can make a good earning by choosing it and starting your career. This field is best for you if you are an IT lover, but you don’t like programming. You can start working as a web or software designer without having any expertise in programming. But, a little knowledge of programming will help you collaborate with programmers in a better way.

According to Glassdoor.com, the average salary of an expert IU and UX designer is $107k annually.

Concluding Words:

Don’t waste time deciding what to choose or what to not! Just take a step forward, choose any of these, and start making your way towards a brighter future.

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