4 Ways to Get Better Interest Rates on Personal Loan


Whether you are dealing with an emergency in finances or need to upgrade your lifestyle, a personal loan is the most reliable way to get instant funds. But if the interest rates stop you from applying for it, you should know about a few ways to get better interest rates on personal loans. So you can enjoy the funds without repaying higher EMIs.

Personal loans help you solve a lot of money related problems throughout your life. As it is easy to avail, you can fulfill your requirements with it and then repay in easy EMIs. But there is one significant concern that you need to deal with, i.e., personal loan interest rates. A lower rate would help you reduce the EMI amount without extending the tenure of your loan.

If you want the same, here are four ways to get a better interest rate on your loan:

Compare Lenders

In case you aren’t able to decide which lender to opt for, interest rates can help you out. You can easily compare multiple lenders to see which one is offering a lower interest rate. This will consume a bit of your time, but it will all be worth it when you have to pay low EMIs. You can also check out some online portals that provide you with an easy comparison between different lenders. Thus, you won’t have to go through the hassle of checking out individual websites and gathering all the information.

If you already have borrowed loans from a lender, you can apply with them again. As they know of your sincerity towards repayments, they can offer you lower interest rates. This is a better option than going to a completely unknown lender.

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Check Your Credit Score

Your credit report is the only document that assures the lender of your sincerity towards finances. The higher the score on the story, the more trustworthy you will be for the lender. The score can significantly affect your chances of getting the loan and the interest rates you receive. Therefore, it is always recommended that you maintain a good credit score. If you have a higher score, you will be eligible for lower interest rates. Therefore, you will get the benefit without any hassle. A few ways to increase your credit score, immediately, are:

  • Repay Debts: If there are any unpaid debts in your credit score, it will lower your credit score. When you want to apply for a personal loan, you can repay those debts and get a better credit score in no time.
  • Maintain Payments: Even a day of late debt payment reflects on your credit report. That is why you need to make all the costs always on time.
  • Look for Inconsistencies: If you follow all the rules and make all the payments on time, but your score is still low, you should check for inconsistencies. Sometimes the lender forgets to inform the authorities about your latest prices. Thus, your credit score gets down due to that. You can look for any such mistakes and get them corrected to raise your score again.

Along with lower personal loan interest rates, a high credit score is a great way to get various benefits.

Use Your Employer Details

No, your employer won’t talk to the lender to offer you better interest rates. However, if you are working with a reputed private or public domain company, then the organization’s name is enough to benefit. You can quickly negotiate the rates using your employer’s excellent reputation in the market.

Never Miss Out Seasonal Offers

If you aren’t in urgent funds, you can wait until the lender provides some seasonal offers on their loans. Under these limited-duration offers, you can get a significant discount on a personal loan rate. You can check out the lender’s website or opt for their regular updates to know about the offers.


These are the four best ways in which you can get better interest rates on your loan. If you are satisfied with the interest rate, you can now start the process by checking out an online personal loan eligibility calculator.

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