10 Things You should know before Performing Lip Injections


Collagen injections are the only way to plump up your lips till hyaluronic acid fillers came in the market. These “lipstick in a syringe” fillers have now been replaced collagen as the primarily method to improve your lips other than being used to enhance cheeks, dark circles and lessen wrinkles.

The present hyaluronic acid fillers are used for lip injections by plastic surgeons to improve the appearance of your attractive lips and add fullness. So, before you decide to go for your first lip injection with hyaluronic acid fillers, read on to know about a few things that are necessary for your improved look.

  1. There isn’t any “best” lip filler The hyaluronic acid fillers used in lip injections are quite similar only slight variations that last for six months and have aesthetic results. Both the physicians and patients have difficult time in understanding what was injected into the lips.
  1. Lips appear bigger initially and then settle down in size Lips are sensitive to different things and numbing cream can make them swell for some patients. In case of sensitive lips, the initial appearance will denote you from being “over done” though the swelling is temporary and will settle down soon.
  1. Make-up can be worn on the same day Each filler and patient is exceptional and there will be specific recommendations based on different plastic surgeons. But, for many patients who have conservative amount of uncomplicated lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, make-up can be worn on the same day. Lipstick may help to hide initial bruising and swelling and some patients prefer using a lip balm to keep lips moist.
  1. Plastic surgeons customize lip injections Cosmetic treatments can be made according to the preference and lip anatomy of patients. Many patients want their upper and lower lips to be filled while some just the one or the other. Plastic surgeons usually charge by the material such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero and volume of filler depending on the number of strings not how the lip had been injected.
  1. Lumps and nodules resolve within a few weeks Lumps and nodules may take place after lip injections with several facial fillers, along with newer lip fillers. These abnormalities normally occur due to bruising and swelling which can get resolved in due course of time.
  1. Plastic surgeons may erase hyaluronic acid fillers, but not lip injection fillers Hyaluronic acid is generally found in the skin which can be broken down by enzyme hyaluronidase. This enzyme, hyaluronidase, is present as an injection and the benefit of hyaluronic acid fillers is it can dissolve the filler but other filters cannot be erased.
  1. Cold sores may erupt particularly when you have sores Any stress which can be emotional or physical may lead to cold sores and needle injection can trigger cold sore eruption. These are self-restrained but you may take proper medication in case you have strong history of cold sores.
  1. Results are temporary with lip injections The results may last for 6 months on an average, give or take. Your body will dissolve the hyaluronic acid after it has been injected. Patients who are very athletic or thin might notice the filler is dissolving a bit faster.
  1. Resume your daily exercises on the following dayAny exercise that increases your blood pressure, heart rate or flow of blood can increase bruising. The risk of bruising drops significantly the next day though some patients like to wait two days before resuming with heavy activity.
  1. Lip injections may have minimal downtimeThe treatment requires nearly 20 minutes and patients can get back to their normal life soon. Do not make any major plan for at least a few days after lip injections in case you require extra time for recovery.

Thus, if you are looking for lip fillers in London, get in touch with dermatologists who can help in enhancing your lip appearance and giving them the fuller look.


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