10 Powerful Prayers In Quran

The Quran is a holy book that all Muslims follow, so this book is considered to be an everlasting and universal book for all people which contains a set of lessons of guidance and knowledge for the human beings.

In Islam prayers are the part of life it is a tool which a person uses to make themselves feel more at ease by putting their faith in the Almighty Allah a lot of these prayers come from the holy book the Quran.

In this article we will be talking about 10 powerful prayers for Muslims in the Quran.

Prayer for Health

we have a prayer for health, so health is considered to be one of the biggest blessings from the Almighty Allah it would be hard to live your day-to-day life without feeling well.

Especially if you have to pray or work or even sleeping can be a pain sometimes Muslims look for health and power from Allah. A dua which is a prayer to help against every disease is Surah Fatiha so Surah Fatiha is also known as Sri Shiva.

1 Surah Fatiha - Powerful Prayers In Quran
Surah Fatiha – Powerful Prayers In Quran

Surah Fatiha is actually one of the most beloved and well-known Surahs in the Quran. In fact, Muslims recite Surah Fatiha multiple times during their daily Salah means prayer and it’s also recited for many occasions as such as a source of comfort or if somebody passes away.

Righteous Person

we have a prayer to make you a better a righteous person, so all Muslims believe that after everyone dies. Everyone will be gathers on the day of judgment in front of Allah with all their good and bad deeds that they’ve done in their life.

Everyone wants to better themselves so they can be somebody who deserves to go to heaven but going to heaven is not an easy task. So in the Quran, there is a Surah 7 verse 47.

Surah Al-A’raf [7 47-57] – Powerful Prayers In Quran

It says It is not among the people who have been guilty of evil doing so this dua or prayer is recited continuously asking a lot to make you among as the righteous person or to help you better yourself.

Strengthening Eman

we have a prayer to strengthening your Eman. Eman is a Islamic word for a believers faith so stretching one’s Eman would mean that strengthening one’s faith in Islam.

As we all know despite what religion it is this world is filled with temptations and at things that are in prohibited in Islam but as well as other religion.

Surah Ali 'Imran - Powerful Prayers In Quran
Surah Ali ‘Imran – Powerful Prayers In Quran

This is a powerful prayer where Muslims seek Allah’s help to protect their faith in Islam.

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Prayer for Strength

We can be taught what a prayer for strength when facing hardships so in Islam and just believe that it’s important to understand that every hardship that Muslims face in this life is a test from the Almighty Allah.

Everyone goes through something whether they are Muslims or not which can get very difficult and may seem like it’s impossible to get through. So there are a couple of powerful prayers that Muslims can recite from the Quran and one of them beings who are is in Surah 2 Verse 286

Prayer for Strength - Powerful Prayers In Quran
Prayer for Strength – Powerful Prayers In Quran

so when Muslims to recite these prayers there finding comfort by putting their faith in the Almighty.

Prayer for Spouse and Children

We know what I prayer for a good a spouse or children especially during the time period we live in everyone so scared of getting divorces or ending up with the wrong person in the Quran surah 25 verse 74.

Prayer for Spouse and Children - Powerful Prayers In Quran
Prayer for Spouse and Children – Powerful Prayers In Quran

It says read that our spouses and our offsprings be a comfort to our eyes and give us the grace to meet those who are conscious of you.

This prayer dua is recited on a continuous basis to find the righteous spouse and people who are already married can still use this door to improve their conditions on selves and their spouses.


We have a prayer for purification so specially during the world that we live in right now we are surrounded by things like vulgarity and sexual temptations.

So in the quran surah 3 verse of 193 it says

Surah Ali 'Imran (Purification) - Powerful Prayers In Quran
Surah Ali ‘Imran (Purification) – Powerful Prayers In Quran

forgive us our sins and erase our bad deeds and take our souls in the company of the righteous.

So this dua is asking Allah to make you a pure that will help you eradicate those useless thoughts or those evil thoughts that are coming into your head. This can be recited over and over it to help keep your mind as pure as possible.

Seeking for Forgiveness

Prayer seeking forgiveness at the end of the day human beings are responsible for their own deeds whether they’re good or bad people can be really careful about things and still make mistakes.

There are many prayers regarding forgiveness but this is the one very powerful prayer that I found which was in the Quran surah 21 verse 87.

Seeking for Forgiveness - Powerful Prayers in Quran
Seeking for Forgiveness – Powerful Prayers in Quran

This translates “there are none worthy of worship besides you glorified are you surely I am from the wrongdoers.”

This prayer is not just powerful but it’s actually really special because during the time of a prophet Yunus when he was trapped in the stomach of a whale. In the quran it says that he was relieved of his burden because he would recite this specific prayer.

Receiving Blessings

we have aware for receiving blessings from Allah so one of the most simple but powerful prayers for Muslims is

Bismillah - Powerful Prayers in Quran
Bismillah – Powerful Prayers in Quran

so which means I begin with the name of Allah the beneficent and the merciful, so this prayer is repeated multiple times in the Quran and Muslims say this prayer almost every day while doing pretty much anything.

Whether it’s riding a bike to traveling across the world and this is because doing anything with the name of Allah is considered to be a blessing in whatever they do even if someone has everything they want in life.

They can still recite this prayer to have that continuous blessing for health safety or literally anything else.

Safety and Protection

We have a law for safety and security so living in a world where any tragedy can happen at any time. Muslims pray so they can be protected from that the tragedy that this world has to offer a prayer ensure safety and protection from all misery is the Ayatul Kursi. So the Ayatul Kursi is in Surah 2 verse 255 in the Quran.

Ayatul Kursi - Powerful Prayers in Quran
Ayatul Kursi – Powerful Prayers in Quran

So this prayer is so powerful that if it is recited three times it is believed that the Almighty Allah will tell his angels do not worry and Almighty Allah will take care of the person himself. So what makes this prayer so amazing is that it can be used in almost any situation if someone’s waking up from nightmares or being afraid of an unfortunate event that’s coming their way.

It does believe that reciting this prayer will help them feel calm and protected and will give them the strength to continue.


We’re talking about a prayer for afterlife so Muslims believe in akhira which is a terminus love to describe the belief in the afterlife. So for Muslims it is believed that life on earth is just a test.

At the end of the day we are humans and some of us might make mistakes here there everyone who believes in the afterlife obviously would want to go to paradise.

So there is a prayer or is the way that Muslims can use to keep them on track towards paradise the Quran surah 2 verse 201 it says.

Afterlife - Powerful Prayers in Quran
Afterlife – Powerful Prayers in Quran

So there are many prayers that Muslims make for the life they have on earth such as praying for a nice car a beautiful spouse wealth children, but what makes this prayer so powerful is that it’s not just asking for a good life on earth it’s also asking for a good life in the afterlife.

So life is supposed to be good in paradise but in a way this prayer is asking to save a portion of paradise for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article please comment below how you find this article and helps you to gain knowledge about powerful prayers from Quran.

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