10 Beautiful Places In America Must To Visit in USA


Beautiful Places In America Must To Visit in USA

1) Skagit Valley Tulip Field

Tulip Field Skagit Valley
Skagit Valley Tulip Field

From the Northwest portion of the United States, you will find this alluring wonder of Mother Nature inside the lush groves of Washington State. These luscious fields of tulip flowers grow along the Skagit River, and there’s even a tulip festival held in this location each year in the springtime. Usually April 1st through the 30th this festival of flowers is said by many to be one of Washington’s largest outdoor festivals. Typically with nearly 1 million visitors with hundreds maybe thousands of individual tulips in all the colors of the rainbow. This place seems more like a dream than a destination making this place definitely worth checking out on your next road trip through America.

2)  Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

From Colorado Springs Colorado, this piece of gorgeous nearly untouched wilderness has many legends and folklore which surround. It the Native American Ute tribe is rumored to be responsible for the cryptic edgings found along the parks red rock walls as well as several carefully conceived fire rings which date back over 3,000 years. This National Natural Landmark is set to be sacred ground by many Native American tribes some call this land the crossroads even the mightiest of native warriors which sheets their stores and quell their arrows upon entering the holy land. the Manitou Springs an intermountain trail is known as the youth paths are said to contain the most petroglyphs, but few are able to decipher the stories which swell inside the ancient images

3)  The Painted Hills

The Painted Hills
The Painted Hills

Part of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument located inside Wheeler County Oregon. These hills which appears to be painted by the gods are listed as one of the seven wonders of Oregon. The layers of rich color ingrained into the bed the sprawling rock was formed when the area was an ancient River floodplain. The black soil is lignite which was a vegetable matter known for growing along the base of the floodplain. The great colors are comprised of mudstone siltstone and shale the red is laterite soils formed through natural deposits inside the earth. There are fossils of early horses rhinoceros and many more bones trapped inside the stones to be found here. This land is a paleontologists dream world.

4)  Sonoran Desert

Sonora Desert
Sonoran Desert

Finally a desert now. We’re talking this gorgeous landmass covers a large portion of the southwestern United States and is well known as a serene place of quiet and stunning natural beauty. Here in this desert the stars shine as you’ve never seen sunsets are a rumor to be beyond astounding. Haboobs monsoons saguaros Joshua trees organ pipe cactus and all those timid desert flowers which bloom in nearly every shade of the rainbow the full desert spans about 260,000 square miles but the coniferous Arizona mountain forests are said to be the most ravishing to behold find over 60 species of mammals 350 species of birds 20 amphibian creatures over 100 different kinds of reptiles 30 native fish over a thousand native types of beef and more than 2,000 native plant species.

 5) Gila Cliff Dwellings

Gila Cliff Dwellings
Gila Cliff

Get ready we’re going subterranean for this next ravishing piece of American Beauty this United States National Monument was established primarily to protect the Mogollon cliff dwellings which run along the Gila River in New Mexico. The 533-acre park is full of rivers forests animals plants and all kinds of natural beauty. However the real attraction resides beneath those lush green fields and towering canyons of rocks. Over 750 years ago hunter-gatherer communities frequented this favorite place especially the Magana Native Americans a plethora of ruins remains from this ancient culture deep inside the mountain stone. Archaeologists have unearthed 46 rooms from the five caves which make up the cliff dweller Canyon alone and many others.

6) Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay

This Bay known as Monterey can be found in the northern end of California’s Central Coast and is rumored to contain one of the largest underwater canyons on the entire planet find this world under the sea off the coast of Moss Landing precisely in the very center of Monterey Bay. Marine life here is set to be mind-blowing species includes sea otters Harbor and elephant seals bottlenose dolphins sharks and humpback and killer whales just to name a very select few Kel pier is set to grow as the tallest tree forming what some call the kelp forest. The water flows in crystal waves and if the devastatingly beautiful scenery isn’t enough for you to try out the Monterey Bay Aquarium which is same nearly the world over.

7) Yellowstone


This National Park is vast like really really huge. The whole park is nearly 3,500 square miles this Park has everything Nature has to offer Lake Forest rivers mountains a geyser called Old Faithful, the Morning Glory pool, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and the Grand Prismatic spring are just a few of the natural beauties which place this National Park. On the map if you’re into archeology there are over 1,000 archaeological sites there’s also the most massive supervolcano on the continent to be explored here as well as hundreds of species and mammals birds fish and reptiles some of which are endangered. Yellowstone Lake is one of the highest elevation lakes in North America.

8) Turner Brock on Lake Huron

Turner Brock on Lake Huron
Tuner Brock On Lake Huron

Lake Huron is one among America’s 5 Great Lakes it includes the easterly portion of Lake Michigan, however the $64000 beauty lives within the lake close to Port capital of Texas it’s referred to as Turner rocks. scoured by watery waves throughout thousands and thousands of years is that this separate rock the favored outside destination is renowned by locals for its scenic views and crystal-clear waters. you’ll solely reach this desired terran firma by each once they are mounting the rocky ledges reveal a surprising forest nearly untouched by time or filthy human hands. The formation could be a lesser-known yankee beauty however still one among the most effective particularly for those that thrive within the outdoors.

9) Castle Rock and Grove County

Castle Rock and Grove County
Castle Rock and Grove County

Many years ago as a story say an ancient sea covered nearly all of the Midwest inside this lush Grove found in Kansas a disturbing array of chalk deposits spanned nearly 11 miles and are supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful. A landmark on the Butterfield Overland Dispatch route known by many as the Overland Trail Castle rocks name hails from its resemblance to a castle rising above the Prairie. This place of natural divinity is one of the eight wonders of Kansas.

10) Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley

From the lush groves which dwell inside the mountainous world of Northern California comes this monumentally gorgeous National Park. Enter through the tunnel view take either of the hiking trail loops which stay within the valley and lead to the trail-head which forces visitors to travel upwards for some truly scenic wonders. Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in all of North America the valley is around eight miles long and nearly a full mile deep some of the best summits. There are over ten amazing waterfalls endless mountain rocks gorges and canyons as well as so many pine trees it’ll make your head spin.

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